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September 19, 2011

Video: Darrelle Revis x Jesse Boykins III – ALWAYS ON | Premiere

The premiere to the previous video of the behind the scenes of ALWAYS ON featuring Darrelle Revis and JB3.

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September 16, 2011

Video: Darrelle Revis x Jesse Boykins III Are ALWAYS ON

We go behind the scenes of the ALWAYS ON series by Nike Sportswear featuring Darrelle Revis with music by Jesse Boykins III. Very dope I must say.

In Darrelle Revis’ new ALWAYS ON video, we witness the work ethic that has made him football’s most dominant cornerback. But this behind-the-scenes footage supplies further depth, especially about his interests in music. “The stereotypical athlete lives and dies sports,” says Jesse Boykins III, who provided the backing song “Island of Greatness.” “It’s good to know a cat like Darrelle is passionate about other things.” Before writing the track, Darrelle supplied a list of his favorite artists and influences, from which Boykins created a musical “gumbo.” Of course, we see Darrelle mixing it up on the field too. “They’re working me out a little bit,” he says during the shoot, his sweaty brow glistening under the beaming sun. And opposing receivers will be singing a sad song all season long.

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August 17, 2011

Did Mark Sanchez Play Himself With This Photoshoot?

I didn’t think he played himself until I saw the last photo. *facepalm*

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April 25, 2011

Video: Tom Zbikowski Is Really Good

I’m not even including the fact that he holds a record of four wins and zero losses. The way he dominated his opponent was scary. Although, he opponent did have a serious beer gut, but never underestimate the beer-belly, just ask Brendan Schaub.

March 11, 2011

Video: Mars Blakeman & Jordan Cameron

A new take on Spike Lee’s famous Mars Blackmon character starring Blake Griffin. Mars Blakeman is the official hypeman for USC tight end Jordan Cameron.

February 6, 2011

Nike Sportswear “Destroy With Speed” Super Bowl XLV Destroyer Jackets


This year the crew over at Nike Stadium on the Bowery have created some custom Destroyer Jackets for a select few athletes whom will be playing in the Super Bowl. Troy Polamalu, Donald Driver, Aaron Rodgers and Hines Ward will all be wearing the new Alpha Talon cleat in the big game and connecting directly to the Alpha Talon story they all have been made these custom Destroyers. Dawning a subtle hit of Volt Green on the jackets to symbolize speed along with custom embrodiery of their positions, numbers and name all combine to make a true custom 1/1 Destroyer.

Pics after the jump.

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February 3, 2011

Still Have To Go Here

The Blind Barber in Alphabet City (NYC) opened a few months ago, but I neglected to go when I had the invite for their opening, can you say fail? Yes, it is a barbershop that charges damn near $30 for a cut, but with that fresh cut you get a free drink. A free drink? A drink?? WTF!? Yes, the Blind Barber has a lounge as well, which is a great feature since people like to drink and they can get a haircut at the same spot. I know local spots in the hood offer the same, but upgrade your “swag” a bit. From what people have told me, the lounge is actually poppin’ during the week. I know they have a weekly event that a lot of people go to on Wednesday nights. Once I go, I’ll give MY review of the place. I’m sure it’ll be fine because I’ve heard nothing but great things. Check out some photos.

T.O. x Sammi | T.O.'s Alzheimer Fundraiser

T.O. x Sammi


January 25, 2011

Cromartie Takes On The World

This article from SB had me rolling! I’m not going to get into it just read on.

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January 24, 2011

Rashard Mendenhall’s Celebratory Hump (Video)

I understand you’re happy but damn…

January 24, 2011


Let’s all be honest with this whole Jay Cutler situation. The results from MRI says he has a torn MCL allegedly. When watching the game Cutler was clearly annoyed and disinterested in the game which is understandable when you’re not on the field, besides that he should have been a good teammate and leader by keeping his team charged up and assisting the backup QBs, which he didn’t. I’m sorry but If I have a knee injury I’m still playing regardless, due to the circumstances-it’s the NFC CHAMPIONSHIP!
I’ll take into consideration that Cutler was getting pounded earlier in the season due to Martz QB-killing offensive scheme. Cutler’s body/demeanor was so off-putting that one could only come to the conclusion that he just didn’t care. If you’re able to run or jog you should be out there. Look at Roethlisraper, this guy played with a damn near broken ankle, broken nose, and still toughed it out to lead his team to victory. Even Philip Rivers played with a torn ACL a few years ago in the AFC Championship. For most ATHLETES you would have to drag them off the field, in Cutler’s case he just pussed out.
Cutler’s legacy with the Packers is something worth noting. He’s 1-3 and his QB rating averages out to 57.9. For a QB to never have a rating over 100 against a conference rival is telling, and with this lastest fiasco its safe to say the Packers own Cutler.

UPDATE: Just saw this video. Nothing like a Bears’ fan scorned.

January 21, 2011

NFL Predictions

My predictions are….

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January 14, 2011

NFL Predictions

Here’s my predictions for this weekends games:

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