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April 7, 2011

UNC vs. Students

North Carolina’s basketball team is going around campus playing pickup game against their fellow students. Seems fair? Noooope.

You can bet your ass that UNC will be in the championship game next year.

March 22, 2011

Anthony Robles

Don’t ever think anything is impossible. Whenever you feel overwhelmed or down in the pits, use Anthony Robles as a great source of inspiration. Its stories like this that makes life worth living and cherishing every moment. There’s positive energy everywhere, its up to you to find it and welcome it.

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March 17, 2011

Video: Butler’s Howard For The Win

Whew! My brackets took some hits, but I still have Butler, until the next round.

March 14, 2011

Michigan’s Fab 5

I highly recommend that everyone watch ESPN’s documentary about the Fab 5. Greatest basketball story ever told.
UPDATE: I have the actual documentary available now.

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March 12, 2011

Princeton Dances On!

My alma mater goes to the Big Dance for the first time in 7 long years! Ok, I never went there but played enough summer ball there to feel like a student. I always felt they had a good program an I’m happy to see them finally get back after such a long hiatus. I still think Harvard may get in based on their strength of schedule.

February 27, 2011

Cheerleader Gets Technical Foul

Seriously? I watched this game and thought “Why the flying fuck is that cheerleader on the damn court? And why did he toss the ball?!” Its shit like this that makes it even harder to respect male cheerleaders. You don’t get to step on the court or touch the ball or toss it. The only thing you get to toss are those cheerleaders since that’s the only ass you’ll be grabbing during the semester. I loved when the camera focused on him after the game was finally over, all you saw was embarrassment and he should be. Imagine if Pitt managed to get off a better shot and they sent the game into a second overtime? The students would’ve roasted his fat ass. As punishment the school should have him walk around campus in a female cheerleading outfit and used anal beads as a necklace.

February 25, 2011

Is It The Shoes?!

I’ve noticed something while watching the majority of UCONN star Kemba Walker’s games this season. Everytime he wears Jordans, he has a big game. Don’t believe me? Good. I’m about to prove it. And people wonder why I only wear Jordans to play ball in.

Jordan XII – 42 pts vs. Vermont

Jordan XII – 31 pts vs. Wichita St.

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February 9, 2011

The Rivalry

UNC vs. Duke is the greatest rivalry in college basketball history. It may be one of the best rivalries in all of sports. Think of one better, I dare you. Tonight Duke shall fall!

February 2, 2011

Why I Can’t Stand Dick Vitale

Everyone knows who Dick Vitale is and if you’re really familiar you’ll know what gets him hard. COMMENTATING DUKE GAMES. I swear every Duke game I’ve watched since I was in high school this guy goes ape-shit when they play. Vitale goes on and on about how wonderful the Duke players are even if 90% of the players he talks about don’t even make it to the NBA. This anger isn’t coming from a North Carolina fan, its coming from a basketball fan. There seems to be a bias when he’s on-board for a Duke game, he rarely talks about the other teams players until they do something great, which is fine if he wasn’t groveling over all the Duke players before the tip-off. Dick Vitale is a big reason as to why college basketball is so popular now, but all I ask for is some exposure for the other team. Don’t get me wrong Duke tends to blow out the opposition, I give them that, but up until last year they haven’t won any championships since Jason Williams played which was 2001, so what happened to all the other teams that won those titles between then? Vitale didn’t ride for them the way he does for Duke. If you notice, every Duke game that’s on ESPN who’s front and center yelling “ooooh baby! yeeeeah baby! Coach K, I wanna blow you!” Dick Vitale. I dare you to say I’m wrong when talking about this, just watch the Duke game tonight and I bet he’ll be there commentating and jerking off at the same time. If I happen to be wrong then the Gods have answered one of my prayers. Maybe.

February 2, 2011

He Gets My Approval

With the departure of Nick Fairley to the NFL, Auburn signee Gabe Wright aims to make fans forget all about the Nat’l Championship hero with “Nick Who” embroidered on his hat. He instantly put a ton of pressure on himself, but if he’s willing to accept it then much respect to that young man. Ugh, saying young man makes me sound old…

January 27, 2011

Can Anyone Stop Him??

Jimmer Fredette is a beast. Below is what experts think about his NBA chances.

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