Basically, I’m just sharing my opinions and things I like on the interwebs with everyone. Sometimes I like to keep it simple and then there’s times when I delve deeper into my vocabulary. I find that ‘Keep It Simple, Stupid’ works best. Also check out the Photos I Like and Songs Of The Day sections as well.

3 Comments to “About”

  1. Hey
    Drakes here from poundmag.com. We are Canada’s oldest hip-hop magazine and would like to talk to you about exchanging info, and offering you some original content we shoot.
    Look forward to hearing from you.
    I can be contact through drakes@poundmag.com

    Much Appreciated.
    Pound Mag Social Media Guru

  2. Hey, I’m SUBMiT

    I’m a hip hop artist out of Marietta GA, right outside of Atlanta. I recently shot a video for a song off of my most recent mixtape Adrenaline Awareness. The song is called A Million Bucks and features local Atlanta artist, K. Camp and Ukan. The video was shot at a frat house right off a college campus and is Directed by Abijeet Achar of New Vintage Producitons. Here’s a link to the video



    We all worked hard on this video. If you’d check it out and post it on your site I’d really appreciate it.


  3. I am really intrigued by the content coming out of your site. We are a blog out of Portland and a clothing line as well and if you could check us out and tell me what you think I would appreciate it, we are really trying to build relationships with quality site like yours. By the way my name is Bobby and my address is thehiphopjunkies.com

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