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February 3, 2011

Still Have To Go Here

The Blind Barber in Alphabet City (NYC) opened a few months ago, but I neglected to go when I had the invite for their opening, can you say fail? Yes, it is a barbershop that charges damn near $30 for a cut, but with that fresh cut you get a free drink. A free drink? A drink?? WTF!? Yes, the Blind Barber has a lounge as well, which is a great feature since people like to drink and they can get a haircut at the same spot. I know local spots in the hood offer the same, but upgrade your “swag” a bit. From what people have told me, the lounge is actually poppin’ during the week. I know they have a weekly event that a lot of people go to on Wednesday nights. Once I go, I’ll give MY review of the place. I’m sure it’ll be fine because I’ve heard nothing but great things. Check out some photos.

T.O. x Sammi | T.O.'s Alzheimer Fundraiser

T.O. x Sammi