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August 3, 2011

Video: Is Waka Flocka An Inspiration??

I would have LOVED to be a part of this segment. So many music and cultural aspects were talked about and the convo just shifted. Very entertaining, just watch.

Waka Flocka shouldn’t be anybody’s MUSICAL inspiration.

July 18, 2011

Video: Has Nicki Minaj Made It Easier For Female MC’s To Get Record Deals?

In a way she did make it easier, for now. A lot of what Mr. Mecc is saying is true — everyone wants a first lady of something — at the same time could this be a trend or will it have staying power?

July 12, 2011

Video: Should White Rappers Use The N-Word?

From what I’ve heard and read the artists Kreyshawn and V-Nasty have dropped the N-bomb. Kreyshawn simply tweeted a quote from DMX saying “WTF YOU WANT FROM A N*GGA?! *DMX VOICE*” But I’ve read that she has used the word over and over. Then there’s V-Nasty. This chick decides to drop the N-bomb multiple times during a freestyle in Andy Milonakis’ crib. Even Eminem doesn’t say it, and if he did I guarantee he would get a pass. I know, I know, he dropped it very long time ago, but has since rectified that situation. There wasn’t a twitter back then and he wasn’t popular either, so there was less access.

Its getting out of hand with people (outside the african-american community) feeling that they have free reign to say it in all capacities. I don’t like using the word in the first place (slips out once every blue moon), so I don’t find it acceptable for my own people to use it. At the same time if we’re able to spin a negative into a positive then I can’t hate. That word come with so much cultural weight, it makes it harder for me to be so accepting. The problem is brevity — people don’t take the time to teach the youth about the history of this word, like get into serious conversations about it. Education is the only way people can prosper and come together in this diverse world.

Let me be clear. I do not think Kreayshawn or V-Nasty are racist at all. They are just caught up in the hype like everyone else. African-Americans can’t even bitch about this. Why? We made the word acceptable.

July 8, 2011

Video: Unsigned Artist, WATCH THIS!

I’ve been on a video posting spree and I doubt it’ll stop here. Anyway, this is probably the realest shit you’ll hear from industry insiders, and they are dead on about this topic.

FYI: I’m in love with Nitty Scott MC

“Twitter is not going to make you FAMOUS!” – LowKey

July 7, 2011

Video: Why Are Celebs Always Nude??

Only in America where you can get famous but having sex in front of a camera, or leak naked pics of yourself. Some of these “celebs” need an actual skill. Let’s think about it. Amber Rose is famous for… Kanye West. Kim Kardashian is famous for…….fucking Ray-J, oh and having a nice ass. For Kim’s sake she ran with it and made people forget about the sex-tape. In turn she has millions of dollars, great damage control and marketing by Team Kardashian. Kris Jenner knows her shit. Maybe Amber can learn a thing or two. Oh and Rosa Acosta, slamming body but she looks like she has down-syndrome.

July 1, 2011

Video: How Is Big Sean’s Album?

I still listen to A LOT of tracks on that album so….don’t get me started with the track Memories.

April 13, 2011

Events: The New Rap Language Panel @ Univ. Of Maryland-College Park


Get educated or spread some knowledge.

This Saturday, along with Meka from 2DB, Kaz from The Source Magazine and Dre The Mayor from 368 Music Group, will be traveling down to the University of Maryland to speak at UMD’s Hip-Hop Conference “The New Rap Language” event commencing at 11am in the Juan Ramon Jimenez Room, Adele H. Stamp Student Union.

The New Rap Language panel will include discussion and commentary surrounding the importance of hip hop blogs in urban music media, including an in-depth discussion answering the question: Are hip hop blogs/websites having a larger impact on the urban music industry than labels for today’s artists? This panel will be moderated by Beats & Ballads Editor-in-Chief, Tia Danae. The event is free and open to the public. So if you’re in the area or thinking about being the area, come check us out.

Respect: LowKey

March 14, 2011

Video: Are Hip-Hop Fans Fickle?

A very interesting debate on the hip-hop fan base and why certain artists aren’t cherished like in other genres of music. Joe Budden had A LOT to say.

Props: LowKey

February 24, 2011

Favorite Bloggers

I figured I’d share some of my favorite bloggers (in no particular order) and their blogs this morning. You may know some or none, but they’re all dope.

Elliott Wilson – RapRadar

Shake x Meka – 2DBz

LowKey – UHTN

William Yan

Mel D. Cole – Village Slum

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January 24, 2011

The Sitdown With Dee Vazquez: Bloggers vs. The DJ (Video)

This was an interesting find at LowKey’s den. Speaking on the influences bloggers and Djs have on each other. Personally, I think each goes hand in hand. Without the bloggers music doesn’t necessarily get as much recognition nationally or worldwide depending on the artist and blog. DJs also have exclusive access to most music, so in a sense SOME bloggers would have to rely on them. Its a really good topic. Check it out.