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September 21, 2011



All I know is that that’s a big ass book and I want to jot, doodle, scribble, transcript, and scribe on it.

Starting at Tokyo’s Mori Art Museum in 2006, Cameroon-born artist Bili Bidjocka and Lausanne-born curator Simon Njami have been traversing the world inviting creatives of varied professional backgrounds to write on the blank pages of eight enormous books “as if it were their the last opportunity to hand write something.” Their project, called Ecriture Infinie, emphasizes the gestures of writing and the flow of pen on paper rather than actual content.

Photos and Video below.

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March 31, 2011

Gisele x Numero Tokyo

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March 23, 2011

Mini Cities From Muji

Tokyo City in a Bag

Tokyo in a Bag; $14 at Muji.

London City in a Bag

London in a Bag; $14.

Paris City in a Bag

Paris in a Bag; $14.

Via: Remodelista