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March 4, 2011

Rare Louis Vuitton Shoe Trunk for $68,500!

Every time I put a pair of shoes in this they should be automatically cleaned, and it better come with a prostitute resembling Halle Berry. $68,500! You got to be shitting me, more like ‘diarrheaing’ me.

A rare and highly sought-after piece of vintage Louis Vuitton luggage, the renowned “Malle Chaussures” shoe trunk from the 1920s, is being offered for sale by London’s Pullman Gallery for $68,500 in the wake of a recently published landmark work on Vuitton trunks.

The trunk embodies the glamour and sophistication of a more elegant era, when such items were de rigeur for wealthy travelers. Featuring the iconic LV monogram on its canvas-upholstered frame, the trunk is fully outfitted to facilitate the most meticulous fashion plate. It contains compartments for 30 pairs of shoes in individual shoe boxes with ancillary drawers and trays for a shoe-cleaning kit.

Each of the padded drawers features a leather pull tab and nameplate. At the time Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar declared the “Malle Chaussures” to be the ultimate symbol of Parisian chic and a requisite travel accessory of every truly stylish woman.

Respect: SL

February 28, 2011

Get Your Shoe Game Right

The Newbury by Paul Stuart will infinitely upgrade your “swag/presence/style/persona,” so I’d recommend these if you have $448 to throw away.

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February 22, 2011

Ronnie Fieg x Sebago | 2011 S/S Women’s Collection

Let’s just cut to the chase, these look dope for women’s shoes.

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