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February 2, 2011

Pato Models Nike National Team Kit

Much to my delight, Nike has released the Selecão kits. I’m a die-hard Brasil fan although I live in the US and “American.” Nonetheless, I always cheer for them, reasons being Pelé was the first and only soccer player I’ve known growing up, so you can see why I’m a fan. Soccer was the first sport I played growing up due to my liking of Pelé, and as I got older I tried other sports and excelled at them all, but my true love became basketball. Thank you, Dr. James Naismith. If you think you got game, come see me on the courts. I’m serious. If you think you’re nice at soccer, come see me…on Fifa 11. I’m nasty with Brasil. #TrueStory. Ask @JehovahHill, he found out the hard way. I’m getting off track, below are the track jackets and everything dope about Brasil jerseys/kits.

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