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May 11, 2011

Video: Maestro Knows – Special Edition (Tim “LIVEWIRE” Shieff)

This episode right here has been in the works for a LONG time. Last week, completely unplanned I got to shoot Tim and his friend Jan while in London. Usually when I compile my episodes I’ll start cutting sequences together to a song and that’ll be that, done deal. Well, with this piece it went a little different. I cut selects and laid a song just for reference and it was so perfect that I didn’t imagine I would replace it until I played this Public Enemy over it. I take pride a lot of times in combining things that rarely would come together in another medium. When I watch this and listen to the lyrics it actually makes perfect sense and surprisingly brought tears to my eyes a few times. This lifestyle, these videos, the stories that I tell….sometimes the thought of it becomes mundane but the fight never does. Through being hassled, sterotyped, misunderstood, or whatever the struggle may be, the message remains loud, we are continuing to love the way we live and to live the way we love. There’s a lot of time, energy, and heart put into something that becomes great.

March 14, 2011

Video: Parkour | Ampisound Showreel
Oh how I love parkour. The camera work done by this group is by far the best I’ve seen in regards to capturing parkour.

This is the Ampisound showreel. Ampisound make professional Parkour & Freerunning videos and photography. Based in Cambridge, England. Feel free to send me an email!

February 24, 2011

Storm Freerun

I posted this a long time ago on my other site, which is now dead. Boredom and the lack of thought expansion can really kill a blog/site. Lucky for you readers this blog represents my personal tastes and random thoughts, which is why the posts are all over the place. Anyway, I thoroughly enjoyed this parkour video by Storm and wanted to bring it back for those who have yet to see it. Enjoy.