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March 31, 2011

Open Letter to Jennifer Hudson (THANK YOU!)

Open Letter to Jennifer Hudson

Finally! Someone who sees what I’ve been seeing for the longest. Jennifer Hudson doesn’t look right that skinny. She looks kind of gross. I know, that’s harsh, but why sugar code it? Because she’s a celebrity that lost weight and had trials and tribulations? She gets a pass? Hell no. What happened to her in the past is really, really terrible. A few years removed, its time to be real about this weight situation, she needs to stop.


Congrats girl – you’re officially in the skinny girl club…. now stop! I’m just going to come right out and say what everyone else seems to be too afraid to say: There are certain people in this world that aren’t meant to be rail thin, and unfortunately you’re one of them Jennifer. Don’t get me wrong. I do think you look better now than you did on your American Idol days, but enough’s enough – you probably could’ve stopped at Dreamgirls. So, here’s what you do: call Jenny, tell her she done good, and then haul your skinny ass out of that program. You know you’re dying for a slice of pizza Jen!

March 23, 2011

Open Letter To Chris Brown From Kevin Powell


A letter from MTV’s Real Word: NYC and politician Kevin Powell. Only a rehabilitated “angry black man” can help this current “angry pusswad.” Read on…


Dear Chris:

I really did not want to write this open letter, and would have preferred to speak to you in person, in private. Indeed, ever since the domestic violence incident with Rihanna two years ago there have been attempts, by some of the women currently or formerly in your circle, women who love and care deeply about you, to bring you and I together, as they felt my own life story, my own life experiences, might be of some help in your journey. For whatever reasons, that never happened. By pure coincidence, I wound up in a Harlem recording studio with you about three months ago, as I was meeting up with R&B singer Olivia and her manager. You were hosting a listening session for your album-in-progress and the room was filled with gushing supporters, with a very large security guard outside the studio door. I was allowed in, as I assume you knew my name, and my long relationship to the music industry. I greeted you and said I would love to have a talk with you, but I am not even sure you heard a single word I said above the loud music. I gave your security person my card when I left, asked him to ask you to phone me, but you never did, for whatever reasons. And that is fine.

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