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February 27, 2011

Cheerleader Gets Technical Foul

Seriously? I watched this game and thought “Why the flying fuck is that cheerleader on the damn court? And why did he toss the ball?!” Its shit like this that makes it even harder to respect male cheerleaders. You don’t get to step on the court or touch the ball or toss it. The only thing you get to toss are those cheerleaders since that’s the only ass you’ll be grabbing during the semester. I loved when the camera focused on him after the game was finally over, all you saw was embarrassment and he should be. Imagine if Pitt managed to get off a better shot and they sent the game into a second overtime? The students would’ve roasted his fat ass. As punishment the school should have him walk around campus in a female cheerleading outfit and used anal beads as a necklace.