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March 4, 2011

Louis XIII Cognac

On March 12th Remy Martin will liberate this incredibly expensive cognac in Singapore at DFS Group’s Master of Spirits event. Back in 1938, a series of decanters were used during royal dinners with King George VI and Queen Elizabeth, and they were each numbered, this one is 718. Supposedly, this costs $50,000.

Credit: Nectar

January 28, 2011

Absolut Goes Wild

Just when you thought Absolut couldn’t come up with anymore bat-shit concoctions, they prove us wrong. Absolut launches Wild Tea, its infused with the flavors of tea, elderflower, red apples and citrus. Absolut recommends using it in a Gimlet with lime juice and simple syrup, in a Cosmopolitan with cranberry juice and orange liqueur, or in a Mojito with lime juice, simple syrup, muddled mint leaves and a splash of soda.

This all sounds gross.