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January 13, 2011

Taz Arnold: You’re Confusing Me

I can’t be the only one that thinks Taz Arnold is a bit over the top. I’m all for fashion but some things need to be walked out to the woods and shot dead. There’s a fine line between fashion-forward and androgynous. Buying a bunch of expensive labels and wildly throwing together “gender-bending” outfits doesn’t mean its fashion.

All of this is seeded from the brainchild Kanye West, which to his credit he’s actually fashionable. Its clear that Kanye is a straight male with fashion sense. Although, I’ve seen some outfits that were just…. You see my point though. Taz Arnold may be a cool guy but those leggings have to go. They will never be a staple in men’s fashion. I’ve seen guys in leggings before and I don’t mean Conan, the difference is that you know where they stand with their sexual preference so its not a big deal.

So either Taz is an egotistical-overly-fashion-hyped-too-cool-for-school type, or he’s gay. Until then I’ll remain confused about his fashion sense and what it says about him.