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September 19, 2011

Apple I Hate You

Apple why must you torment me with your incessant updates/upgrades, leaving me to believe that my main problem with your glorious phone would be fixed. Alas, I finish upgrading and there’s nothing but minor changes that I’ll never notice. With the understanding that some bugs and security failures need attending to, I can never comprehend as to why you guys would overlook such a huge flaw in your device. You describe the phone with such grandiosity that it’ll make a blind person buy it.

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February 18, 2011

Military-Grade Phone Case

Do you want virtually a bomb-proof phone case? Of course you do. Ballistic HC is the first and only cases to meet military specifications. Basically, you can drop your iPhone off a 20-story building and the case wouldn’t crack, but I would try it though. The case went through tests for drop damage, vibration, extreme temperatures, humidity and dust to gain certification. It also has connector seals, water-resistant meshes and tough lenses to make sure that dust, dirt and other harmful materials don’t damage your phone.

The case is available for iPhone 4s, some Blackberry Curves, and HTC Evo.