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April 4, 2011

Event: Quentin vs. Coen

This gallery is a must-see. If not, atleast go to the opening night party. RSVP here.

Quentin vs. Coen is now almost exactly one week away! On Monday, the Spoke Art crew will be heading out to NYC to begin setting up the show at Bold Hype Gallery in Chelsea. The opening night party is on Thursday April 7th, and the show will be on view during regular business hours on Friday, April 8th and Saturday April 9th.

Pics after the jump.

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March 14, 2011

Video: Jesse Boykins III | Prototype 3010 (A Short Film)

I’ll be the first to admit it. I wasn’t a fan of JB3 at first, then eventually he grew on me. The bastard. Check out this exceptionally done video/short film. This is the modern day take on Andre 3000’s ‘Prototype’ and JB3 did not disappoint.

In a time where life is often guided by misconception and tainted love its hard to truly find someone who is there for you for all the right reasons. No matter how you deliver your heart to a person, you still have to wait for them to open it up. I came up with this concept to inspire honesty. I’ve learned through life, communication is everything when you’re in a relationship. Take these visuals as an example of how something could be if there is no truth between two parties. She/He is your prototype and could be so much more if you allow it. Never Take The Love Of Your Believer For Granted. Much Thanks to Andre 3000

– Jesse Boykins III

February 23, 2011

The Bicycle Film Festival

The Bicycle Film Festival is back and going on its eleventh year. All films are welcomed as long as they’re mostly about bikes. The festival will travel across 25 cities including NYC, Liverpool, Paris, and Milan.

Spotted: AllPurposis

February 21, 2011

Video: Fashion Designers Take On Film

In this month’s W*144, we talk about how fashion designers are increasingly making small films to sell the fantasy of fashion. From Karl Lagerfeld’s story about a jealous lover, to the Brothers Quay’s darkly whimsical animations for Wonderwood by Comme des Garçons, we look at fashion films that have made their mark.

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