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August 10, 2011

Video: Kendrick Lamar x Estevan Oriol Shoot It Up

Make sure to check out Kendrick Lamar’s show at SOBs Aug. 31st.

I first shot Kendrick Lamar while shooting Jay Rock’s album cover in Knickerson Gardens in Watts. Louie Mejia from CNN is always on the lookout for the next lastest greatest talent we have here in LA. So I put him in touch with Kendrick through my good friend Richie Abbott.

July 14, 2011

Video: Michael Chacon x Estevan Oriol x Falken Tire – Taking The Ford Flex To The Westside

Went out to shoot Mike Chacon in Venice and Santa Monica, freestyle riding his fixed gear bike and he was doing all the latest tricks. I met Mike through his father Berto in the lowriding scene. The Chacon family is famous in lowriding, reppin the Westside, as you can see here in this video. Keep your eye on Mike Chacon, he’s doing things.

Directed by Estevan Oriol
Shot by Estevan & Willie Toledo
Edited by Willie T & Juan

April 6, 2011

Event: Fifty 24PDX Gallery x Estevan Oriol | HOW THE WEST WAS ONE

April 7th-May 17th
Upper Playground
Fifty 24PDX Gallery
23 NW 5th Ave.
Portland, OR

Via: EOriol

March 26, 2011

Megan Daniels x Estevan Oriol x Ink Junkies Magazine

I like tattoos. I have tattoos. I love girls with tattoos. Especially, if they have sleeves. Women, stop being shy and get some ink!

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March 3, 2011

Video: Estevan Oriol x Brittany Dailey x Freestyle Rides

If its Brittany Dailey modeling, its getting posted. Shot by the legendary Estevan Oriol