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April 18, 2011

Highsnobiety TV – A Set Free Minute with Don Cannon

A life long b-boy, Set Free works as a cultural conduit, spending his days connecting brands to niche lifestyle. Throughout his journey, he’s collected as many stories as he has amassed sneakers (impressive), and with the “Set Free Minute” brings his experiences to life in short segments. On the name, Free says, “No mater where you are in the world people always say, ‘can I get a minute of your time,’ so I figured I’d take that notion and introduce viewers to some of the most influential people in the industry.” The first episode features American producer and DJ Don Cannon.

March 24, 2011

Details On Pauly D’s New Show

I hate all the cast members on ‘Jersey Shore’ except Pauly D. Hence the reason I’m not dogging him in this post. Vinny is ok, his eyebrows bother the shit out of me though. I’m not a fan of this whole waxing/arching of the eyebrows. If you have to clean them because you have a unibrow then you get a pass, but some of you dudes take this shit overboard. ANYWAY, here’s what HuffPost provided:

DJ Pauly D has a bright, or at least a busy future ahead of him. Jersey Shore castmember currently books DJ gigs for 50 grand a night, has plans to go to Italy for the next season of Jersey Shore, and has his own spin-off in the works.

Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, executive producer of both Jersey Shore and the spin-off, SallyAnn Salsano described Pauly D’s new show: “It’s awesome. You know when you watch a bunch of guys who’ve known each other forever razz on each other? Like in The Hangover? That’s what they’re like all the time.” Castmembers Snooki and JWoww also have a spin-off in the works, though according Salsano it is more “Laverne And Shirley.”

However, not everything is moving at a quick enough pace for Pauly. Ronnie and Sammi’s oft-stalled relationship has proved to much for him to handle. “They need to move on,” he told E Online, “That’s all I’m gonna say!” Salsano seems to agree by implication, claiming “I spent more time with Ronnie crying than I know what to do with and I had to drink enough water so that I didn’t dehydrate.”