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March 29, 2011

Because I Can: Suggestive GIFs

16 1 I suggest you check out these suggestive gifs (10 gifs)

Hayden Panettiere had me dying though. More after the jump.

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March 9, 2011

Brooklyn Decker at Vanity Fair Oscar Party

I’m basically posting this, well….because I can. I’m starting to become a stan fan of hers. Damn you once again Andy Roddick. Hey, do me a favor and please beat Roger Federer and win more Grand Slams? I’m serious. I really want him to win more, especially since we’re both sponsored by the same company (Lacoste). He’s not setting the best precedent.

January 18, 2011

So This Is Brooklyn Decker!

I have to admit, I heard her name a bunch of times but I didn’t know what she looked like or what she did. All I knew is that she dated Andy Roddick has a awesome first name. Then I see the commercial for ‘Just Go With It’ and ask myself “Whose fly white girl with the huge tats!?” I quickly read the credits on IMDB and to my surprise it’s Brooklyn Decker. Once the initial rush of finding out who she was wore off I soon realize that Adam Sandler’s old ass couldn’t bag a chick like her in his wildest dreams. With that said I lose interest in the movie as well. At least throw in a Jake Gyllenhaal or Channing Tatum, even if Tatum’s acting is and I quote “like watching a piece of wood act.” Now let’s check out the awesomeness that is Brooklyn Decker.

Brooklyn Decker 1

Dominick Pucciarello - Brooklyn Decker - Photographer: Russell James