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January 13, 2011

Butt Enhancers

I remember when most females wanted to be Cindy Crawford thin and all they ate was Kix cereal. With me spending my adolescence in a middle-class town I was predisposed to thin/unshapely white girls. Although, I knew this wasn’t the norm, I felt comfortable since my eyes were seemingly focused on the chest region. So as I got older my focused shifted to the region that has the country by storm – THE BOOTY – and as an ass-grab-hungry teen I felt that nothing else on the female body matter outside the va-jay-jay.

Today, my thoughts are the same when it comes to a woman’s body, but I think some females got it twisted. There’s a significant difference between having a butt, booty, fatty, and a fat ass. I’m not going to break it down since it may hurt some feelings, but here’s a barometer of sorts. If you have wide hips and your thighs rub together then just drop yourself from the equation. Simple.

Back to my gripe with these butt enhancers. Society has this whole thing backwards, they promote healthy living/eating then they want to create the illusion of certain woman to have bigger asses. For the longest women would say things like “is my butt too big?” or “does my ass look too fat in these jeans?” Now they want that look. By all means get the butt that you want but don’t fool guys into thinking you have the goods when you don’t. Once the panties come off then what? Embarrassment ensues.

Females when trying to get that bigger butt please don’t over-indulge when eating because not only will your butt get bigger, everything else will too. Hit the gym and sculpt that thing and everything else will fall into place. The world we live in today can make a person incredibly insecure or extremely narcissistic, and I feel the media plays into that for an agenda I can’t even fathom. Not everyone is Kim Kardashian. I just pray you’re smarter than her.