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January 13, 2011

LeBron x Twitter x Villain Role

Here’s the thing, anyone that knows Twitter knows that LeBron didn’t retweet that shit. I would’ve respected him more if he said “Yeah, it was me and it was more so directed at Dan Gilbert since he was talking all that shit during the summer. Fuck him, and Karma is a bitch with herpes, and she just found him.” What LeBron failed to realize is that people in this country actually hate him and its not just in Cleveland. He should focus on being Atilla The Hun instead of The Loving King.

For instance, when Kobe was villafied he embraced it and it did wonders for his game. Bryant went into other arenas knowing people hated him and absorbed it, once that happened that’s when Kobe became known as Black Mamba and the greatest closer. With that said, LeBron stop trying to please everyone and being their fucking friend. Make people hate you more by dropping 50 points and talking all the shit you can spew. Its the Kobe effect. Why? Look how Kobe went from most-hated to loved and adored, don’t get me wrong people still hate him like yours truly but you can’t help but to respect his game.

“The Joker was cooler than Batman” – Mike Greenberg