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March 4, 2011

Hermès – Arceau Pocket Promenade de Longchamp

Talk about a fly ass pocket watch! All I need now is a monocle and top hat. OK, that’s overboard but it is very dope.

The Arceau wristwatch imagined in 1978 by Henri d’Origny lends itself ideally to a pocket-watch version.

Its asymmetrical attachment and its lugs naturally invite a cord-strap fixed to the arch like a stirrup leather to a stirrup, thus evoking the saddle- and harness-making origins of Hermès.

Whether in a trouser or jacket pocket, the manner of wearing the Arceau Pocket further accentuates the innate classic chic of the original watch design.

The Arceau Pocket Promenade de Longchamp introduces a new dial that is a true work of art sculpted from a block of natural mother-of-pearl.

Spotted: Luxuo