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March 1, 2011

Amar’e Stoudemire x Gotham Magazine

The Knicks has taking the city by storm and soon, the world. Mind you, I’m not a die-hard Knicks fan but I do like seeing regional teams do well. Go Knicks!

Less than a year ago, the Knicks were more likely to be in a punch line than a headline. But now that the team has signed free agent Amar’e Stoudemire away from the Phoenix Suns, it seems like New York just might be getting the last laugh.

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February 22, 2011

NBA x Late Night Talk Shows
Conan x Carmelo Anthony
George Lopez x Amar’e Stoudemire

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February 21, 2011

Carmelo x Amar’e x D’Antoni | Will It Work?

All of New York wants this trade to happen, including me. The Knicks becoming relevant is the best thing for the NBA and this season has proven that. Tickets sales are through the roof, fans have something to feel proud of, the city is buzzing, celebrities and the who’s who of everything are coming to the Garden, its a beautiful thing right now.

Things seem to be headed in the right direction for the Knicks, but can Melo and Amar’e coexist in the D’Antoni system? Both players need the ball almost every trip. Some people would say that Amar’e played with Nash who was a star, let’s not forget that the point guard/big man duo is something that’s cherished. Teams want that, they aspire to have such a great combo. I do understand that Billups is included in the deal, which I don’t think will work in D’Antoni’s fast-break offense. Unless you’re Steve Nash or have a young point guard i.e. Raymond Felton, that offense will struggle. Billups isn’t exactly you’re high speed guard that’ll start a fast break by himself. Felton is or was perfect for that style of play. He’s having a career year under this system and you want to give that away to have a much slower and on-the-decline Billups?

Let’s say they do make the trade and get Melo, then what? The Knicks will have to fill huge holes in the lineup and they won’t have the cap space to acquire that great of talent. The role players they currently have are perfect, but Melo is being impatient and wants things done now. If he was smart he’d just play the year out and sign with NY and come to a robust roster. That’s wishful thinking though. Back to Melo and D’Antoni’s system, the problem with him is that he holds the ball to long and that breaks down the flow of the offense. Its bad enough you have Amar’e demanding the ball, but now you’ll have Melo as well. This is only going to cripple a great offensive attack.

Essentially, the Knicks are giving away their whole offensive system for two players that’ll only make the team slower and more vulnerable on defense. If they can work out a deal to keep Felton and let Denver keep Billups then I feel this trade could work and not interrupt the flow of the offense and still provide decent defense from the guard position. Hopefully, this whole mess can be cleared up and if the Knicks were smart they would keep Isiah Thomas far, far away from MSG. Thomas brings nothing but failure anywhere he goes. Knicks fans should have a protest, threaten his family’s lives, and hire Anucha Browne Sanders back to keep Isiah Thomas out office and away from the organization at all capacities. Viva la Revolución!