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September 7, 2011

40oz. Van x Prohibit NYC Release Party

Last Friday I had the pleasure of attending the 40oz. Van & Prohibit NYC release party. It was a celebration of the collaboration between the two. The event was held in the LES at Prohibit and there was a mixture of all types of people. You had cats from all over NYC downing heinekens (which were free) and bopping to classic 90’s hip-hop. If you were looking for some cutesy pop shit there, it wasn’t happening.

In typical fashion 40 brought out a bunch of females that were packing glutes. If you weren’t an ass man before, that night would’ve changed your mind. Outside of that it was a very chill environment. Indication of that. When they ran out of beer for the second time, people hit up the bodegas and came back with 22’s and 40’s. Also the event managed to move outside which is usually a sign of trouble but luckily things were all good. Although cats were drunks as shit.

Unfortunately I was having too much fun to actually take any pics so I had to snatch these.

Photos: StinkGrenade

May 16, 2011

Event: 40oz Bounce

If you’re familiar with the man’s Tumblr, then you already know what to expect.

Saturday, May 28th
11pm – 4am
Washington Heights
181st St.
New York, New York

BYOB & Free 40oz’s while supplies last

A train to 181st st.
Walk down 181st which turns into Plaza Lafayette towards Riverside Drive (past Cabrini)
Make a right at Riverside Drive
Cross the green bridge, and follow the path into the park.

RSVP here