Apple I Hate You

Apple why must you torment me with your incessant updates/upgrades, leaving me to believe that my main problem with your glorious phone would be fixed. Alas, I finish upgrading and there’s nothing but minor changes that I’ll never notice. With the understanding that some bugs and security failures need attending to, I can never comprehend as to why you guys would overlook such a huge flaw in your device. You describe the phone with such grandiosity that it’ll make a blind person buy it.

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I just want to know how can you simply avoid the syncing issue? I’ve read numerous forums and it seems that this is BIG and ANNOYING to 80% of your customers. And I’m part of that 80%! I’ve had to restore my phone twice already, and you know what? I have to do it again. There are some quick fixes, but they only work once. A one trick pony is not going suffice Apple.

Do you know who music damn music I get daily? It’s a lot. Wait, wait, but there’s also grumblings of these existing issues on ipods and touches. So Apple you’re going to tell me that an issue that’s been lingering around like herpes ever since the first iphone can’t be fixed? I just want to make sure before I go to an Apple store and demand for a new iphone. But here’s the thing — it’ll continue with the new phone — so should I waste my time requesting for a new phone after berating one of your colleagues? All that rage would just be wasted wouldn’t it Apple? You damn well know it would. Lucky for you I’m going to keep my phone in hopes that you guys get off your nerdy asses and fix a simple problem instead of trying to figure out a way for the new iphone to jerk me off.

Is that too much to ask?

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