Event: Fashion’s Night Out Was Ridiculous

Like the title says, “Fashion’s Night Out Was Ridiculous.” Initial thoughts were to start in midtown at Bloomingdales, but once I realized the drones of people that would be there and anywhere else we settled on Soho. Which was the smart choice considering all the stores are in walking distance, and plus I love Soho. As soon as I get out the car there are damn near 2,000 people in my vision. People dressed up and some dressed down, it was the dressed up people that of course caught my eye and did they show out!

More photos and everything else below.

So my first stop was at Burton Snowboard Store on Spring/Mercer St. and in typical fashion there was a long ass line for my enjoyment. Now here’s where I think my connect either forgot or somehow messed up because the invite I received didn’t have and RSVP on it like the millions of others I had. While waiting in line and dancing to the DOPE ass music the M.A.C. store were playing and the Kim Kardashian/Pauly D madness that occurred an hour passes by and I come closer to the front and notice that there in fact is a list. Yes a fucking list! Here’s why I got kind of annoyed because last year I got an invite to this same event but didn’t attend, and that invite had an RSVP on it. Now I start to semi-worry thinking that we won’t get in or I’d have to pull the media pass, I know the DJ, and got a bunch of girls with me tricks (they work sometimes) to get in or by some amazing chance I see someone I know working the event. As we draw closer I realize that they’re letting everyone in regardless of the list. The list is just so you bypass the line which I happy to find out but still pissed that I got the wrong invite. Ugh! Sorry but I hate lines like most.

Greeting us at the door was the legendary photographer 13thWitness. I asked for a picture and as a photographer would do he grabs his camera and I had to stop him midway and say “Let’s switch it. I’ll take the pic.” This is the product. Eyes closed. Lol! Whatever it’s all good.

Making my way over the open bar I noticed that the bartenders were drop dead gorgeous (pics don’t do them any justice). And no I didn’t have on beer googles. Besides the bartenders the libations were provided by Pabst Blue Ribbon & Sailor Jerry’s Rum are were limitless and not bad.

After a “power 15” I made my way to the DJ booth and low and behold its Jasmine Solano dropping the beats. This one girl was “dutty whining” all by herself and didn’t care. Then of course comes the lonely dude that starts pop-lockin’ by himself. But as the night went on that little dance area became pretty crowded. I even caught myself dancing for a bit. It got so serious that people were damn near making out. Yeah, people were wasted.

About 2 hours go by and we all head out to this afterparty at Red Bull Space. All excited to party even more, we get there and there’s a SHITLOAD of people waiting outside. So me being me I shrug it off since I thought I was all cool because I was on two of the lists to get in. Then I hear this “We’re at capacity and not letting anybody in regardless of lists!” Yeah. I was pretty pissed. Luckily we had another spot to hit up so all wasn’t bad. And that spot was Yotel for the Married To The Mob event.

In typical fashion I had to take some street shots.

We arrive an hour before the event shuts down and the timing couldn’t have been better. Soon as I got off the elevator I headed straight to the bar (which was free) scooped up some drinks, chatted it up with some people I met in VIP and then to my surprise Mavado was about to perform. He performed one of my favorite songs of late Emergency and of course I went nuts. The crowd was mostly female which is always a plus. Ambiance was quite vivid. I’ve heard about this spot since it opened and all it took was a few months for me to drag my ass to this dope venue.

By the time we stumbled out it was a little after 1:30am. Yeah, it’s early for me too, but with everything that went on that I couldn’t write about or forgot, that time wasn’t bad to “kinda” wrap up the night. Hopefully more of you guys can make it out next year.


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