Mya Should Thank Her Lower Half

It’s amazing how the littlest or in this instance the biggest attribute can change a person’s career. For Mya it may have resurrected it. At least a few times during the week there will be a photo on Twitter of Mya looking beautifully thick, when this happens it’s retweet galore. Yes, I have fallen victim to eye-humping Mya’s photos like the rest of the male population.

Want to see more?

More photos below.

From what I’m hearing Mya is doing more singing gigs and making red carpet appearences everywhere. Could it be true that just putting on a little weight in all the right places can make one relevant? Yes. People are superficial like all hell. I mean for example Kim Kardashian, but talking about her and the fact that she really doesn’t have a talent is basically like beating a dead horse. But what is Kim K? Fucking gorgeous. When people say that beautiful people get a pass, they are dead on. Can’t knock the genes though.

The fact that most of us seen Mya come on the scene as this cute and tiny girl it kind of feels like a revelation. Even when she first started out you could see the potential when it comes to her figure. Her lower half has always been rock solid, so when she let herself go a little, it worked out. Oh boy, did it workout. Mya went from a cute girl that you would take out for some ice cream and sit at a park bench and share cutesy stories with to this voluptuous borderline video vixen-esqe woman that makes you want to do everything unholy, sexually. And to top it off she can actually sing . I mean she’s not Mariah Carey or pre-crack Whitney Houston, but she does her thing.




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