Event: Billboard’s Summer Blowout w/ LMFAO & Swizz Beatz (Photos/Videos)

Last night Billboard had their summer blowout concert at a secret location (Pier 36). Tickets for this event virtually “sold out” within hours, and it’s a stretch to even say that. The event took place in this old airplane hangar and If I’m correct I did see a basketball hoop between the curtains, but that doesn’t matter, it was just a moment of impulse since I wanted to shoot around for a minute. Anyway, the space was decked out with flat screens with Billboard promos tuned in, a PopChips photo booth, two bar areas, and the bougie-ass VIP lounge where those bastards had free food. Later on I found out one of my people managed to finagle his way into the VIP lounge. Nice! There was only one gripe I had but I’ll get into that later. I almost forgot there was an Albie & Chris Manzo sighting. They’re shorter than I thought. *shrugs*

Let’s see some photos & videos.

When you first walk in this is all you’d see. LIGHTS! Mind you I was basically one of the first 15 people in so that’s why it looks empty.

And then there’s the Nivea table. 90% of the time I’m at these events I’m with women, so when they saw the free chapstick and other products they raided it. At one point I saw this girl with 10-15 items in her hands. Ridiculous….

So here’s my gripe. Once you got your ticket barcode scanned one of the workers hands you a raffle ticket. I’m thinking ok they’ll have a raffle no big deal, then the person tells me that this ticket is good for ONE FREE DRINK. For a moment I thought I would see Ashton Kutcher pop out of nowhere and say I was punked. But that didn’t happen and I was kind of sad. Good news though, I conned my way into getting another ticket and my other homegirl scooped up 2 more tickets. Hey sometimes you have to make the best out of shitty situations. Some of you may think “why don’t you just buy drinks?” First, the drinks weren’t cheap at all. Second, I never pay for anything at events, so why start? Other than this, the night turned out to be dope though.

Outside they had live graffiti. Basically the guy spray-painted the word Chevorlet. In front of the graffiti was a new Chevy Camaro I believe. Not into domestics so I didn’t care. There were seating areas and vendors like 7-11, PopChips, and some icee company. My bad for forgetting.

The 7-11 truck handed out hot dogs, or should I say a quarter of a hot dog. But that quarter dog was pretty damn good.

Mystery Icee Company. It did hit the spot I’ll tell you that much.

With Chevorlet and HP co-sponsoring they had promos and everything. But this was inside the HP trailer were they displayed there latest laptop that comes with Beats By Dre interior speakers. Of course they had to also show off the headphones. Shameless plug.

It’s showtime!

Crowd impatiently waits for Swizz Beatz to come on.

Swizz started off with Start It Up and basically did the same snippet-filled show that he did at Sounds Like PAPER. But this time around he had A LOT more energy and the overall feel of his performance was just awesome and he even stage-dove. He also did perform a new track Dance Like A White Girl. I have no comment about that…

Swizz did manage to have a surprise in store. He brought out Estelle and she sang Break My Heart. A nice surprise since I haven’t seen or heard anything from Estelle in a very long time.

Check out the crowd’s energy in the video below.

Next up we have the headliner LMFAO. Now I’ve never seen them live but I’ve heard that their shows are pretty insane. And boy were they right. People were dancing on tables (mostly girls, and one dude), beach balls were tossed, and inflatable animals. Plus, champagne and beer was sprayed on the crowd and themselves. LMFAO had the hipsters, wall street suits, hoodrats, and the tweeners acting a fool.

As you can see that chick is dancing on a table.

Once these glowstick/necklaces were handed out, people really lost their minds.

The thing is…there were many groups outside this chaos in the background doing the same thing.

Peep the video.

Oh and this. To cap the night off my and friends and I entered into raffle that HP had. Needless to say I won a pair of Beats By Dre and something else. Good for me because I sold my other pair of the exact same headphones not too long ago. Karma.

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