Event: Music.Media.Buzz Hosted By The Downtown Diaries & Poison Ivy


The good people at The Downtown Diaries sent me a nice invitation to come down to RdV and party. Which I gladly accepted, considering that I’ve never been to that venue nor seen Pete Wentz perform. Basically I couldn’t say no. The “MusicMediaBuzz” event is the creation of Kristina Marino of The Downtown Diaries and Natalie Zfat of Poison Ivy.

The venue was dimly lit with a violet hue representing the HPNOTIQ Harmonie brand. Seating areas all had the VIP feel to them, so nobody felt bigger than the person next to them, which is a nice touch. There were about 200 or so bloggers and fans in attendance all chowing down on the endless supply of “Baked by Melissa” cupcakes. If you never tried her cupcakes you need to be slapped. They’re HIGHLY addictive. I probably ate about 10 or more, it doesn’t help that they’re bite-size and come in a variety thigh-fattening flavors.

HPNOTIQ Harmonie cocktails were provided and quickly drank by the patrons, myself included. The cocktails were aptly called Music, Media, and Buzz. I believe I tried all three but the two women pictured above kept feeding me “Music.” It really didn’t matter at the time since all the drinks were tasty and most importantly they were strong enough. Don’t let that violet fool you, when mixed with the right ingredients those drinks can put a Port Authority hobo to shame.

The only regret I have about the night is missing Pete Wentz and The Black Cards perform. I’m all about live music. At least the DJ played Shooting Stars by Bag Raiders before I left. No matter what mood I’m in that song makes me hype as hell. Don’t judge!

All in all, the night was a success. I’d like to thank Kristina and Natalie once again for having me!

One Comment to “Event: Music.Media.Buzz Hosted By The Downtown Diaries & Poison Ivy”

  1. Thanks for the write up!

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