Event: Khloe Kardashian Hosts HPNOTIQ Harmonie Launch Party

Last night I had the pleasure of attending the HPNOTIQ Harmonie Launch Party hosted by Khloe Kardashian. HPNOTIQ’s new flavor called Harmonie is a premium French vodka infused with fruits, flowers and a splash of cognac. The festivities was held at the beautiful rooftop penthouse of the Dream Downtown know as PH-D Lounge. After checking in and smoozing it up at the red carpet, guests were escorted to a surprisingly spacious elevator that led up the rooftop. Once we stepped out it was ALL VIOLET EVERYTHING! I was greeting with a “Bubbles & Berries” cocktail before I could even reach the bar. At that moment I knew this night was going to be something to remember. It felt like I was on a VH1 reality show since guests like Simon Huck, Jonathan Cheban, Hank Baskett, Meeka & Speedy Claxton, and Kelly Bensimon of “Real Housewives of New York” were in attendance.

One question that lingered the whole night was “Why is Speedy looking at me like he knows me?” Weird.

Want to see some photos? Sure you do.

I just wanted to note that I love this belt.

I accidentally showed my tattoo on my another wrist to security and he let me pass. Smooth.

There was 20 women with these dresses on. Keeping the violet theme vibrant.

We made our way to the deck and the view was gorgeous. A LOT of people were taking pics by the ledge. Luckily, this all happened before they got hammered, and hammered they got.

Yes, it was a night of double fisting.

Free candy was given out and by the end of night it was all gone.

The hors d’œuvres were ALL scrumptious. Especially this! I have no clue what kind of meat it was unfortunately.

Hank Baskett & My homegirl

One of my favorite bloggers, Herfection.

The two coolest Serbian sisters I’ve ever met. Don’t get it twisted I’m tall, but they’re taller. “Over 6 feet Club”

Can’t tell me that isn’t dope!

I was told I proposed to this Latvian woman…


This was the coolest display. It was a tower of cupcakes, and yes, she was inside of it.

A cupcake skirmish brought out as well.

Caitlin Moe & DJ Mia Moretti

Yeah, that’s me lurking in the shadows.

Do you see me?

For more photos check the homie KirillWasHere

Meeka and Speedy Claxton at HPNOTIQ party

Meeka & Speedy Claxton

Told you a skirmish broke out

Here’s a little of Caitlin Moe and DJ Mia Moretti’s set.

2 Responses to “Event: Khloe Kardashian Hosts HPNOTIQ Harmonie Launch Party”

  1. Yo – u r the man! Nice coverage of this event!


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