Video: Marcus Troy | Maverick Project Bespoke

Marcus Troy continues his winning ways….

Marcus Troy chose two winners from the Mavericks Project to accompany him to New York City, in order to design the Maverick Project Bespokes. Carlos Sanchez, Tim Rodrigues and Marcus Troy spent hours working with IZ from Nike Sportswear at 21 Mercer Street designing the new Bespokes.

The approach was to create a shoe that would be timeless and reflect the Maverick spirit of its designers. Each shoe is defined by one detail that directly speaks to the personality of these individuals.

The three of them decided on using waterproof wool for the upper, leather for the tongue and Kevlar detailing. “The shoe was meant to look grown” says Carlos Sanchez, one of the winners of the experience. Tim commented that he wanted the shoe to be classy and original.

Marcus enlisted Vince Tsang of On & Beyond to capture the essence of the shoe through photography. The photos clearly capture the ideals and thoughts behind the Maverick project Bespokes. Marcus’s vision was to create “a real man’s” type of shoe, inspired by the utilitarian and fashionable trends of today, but with the aged and vintage feel of the past.

The retrospective video was also shot by Vince Tsang, who captured Marcus in his element, discussing the Maverick Project and The Marcus Troy Experience.

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