Katy B Performs at Le Bain (Pics & Video)

Monday night I had the pleasure of attending Katy B’s show — as part of Steve Madden’s Summer Music Series which was held at Le Bain (Standard Hotel’s rooftop). Let me first start off by saying that Le Bain is a GREAT spot to chill at during their weekly parties. The view of the Hudson is incredible. One thing I found odd but dope as hell, the pool in the middle of bar. Unfortunately, I didn’t get a picture but I’ll dig one up.

Back to the artist. Katy B hails out of the UK, her album On A Mission topped UK charts, and is making its way to the states. Monday’s show was her first in the US and she didn’t disappoint. She had EVERYONE up bopping and whatever else people do nowadays. The open bar gave a few people some of that “dancing” courage that you so often see. Even if they did look like fools, but they were having fun like all the attendees. Once Katy B started to perform the place went nuts. She belted out crowd favorites On A Mission, Broken Record, and Lights On. Honestly, it felt short, energetic, and leaving me wanting more. All which are fine to me.

Enough talking. Picture time. And her performance of Broken Record below.

KAWS Companion

The “Tom”

via eatsdirt

via BKVegan

Had the pleasure to chat it up with Adrienne Bailon while we were waiting for our crepes. Which seemed like an eternity, but they were SLAMMING!

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