Milan Fashion Week: Salvatore Ferragamo S/S 2012

SS12_Milan_Salvatore Ferragamo035_James Smith(VOGUEcom)

SS12_Milan_Salvatore Ferragamo010_Charie France(VOGUEcom)

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SS12_Milan_Salvatore Ferragamo016_Adnan Djinovic(VOGUEcom)

SS12_Milan_Salvatore Ferragamo067_Adnan Djinovic(VOGUEcom)

SS12_Milan_Salvatore Ferragamo061_William Eustace(VOGUEcom)

SS12_Milan_Salvatore Ferragamo065(VOGUEcom)

SS12_Milan_Salvatore Ferragamo055_James Smith(VOGUEcom)

SS12_Milan_Salvatore Ferragamo056_Bastiaan Ninaber(VOGUEcom)

SS12_Milan_Salvatore Ferragamo059_Mathias Bergh(VOGUEcom)

SS12_Milan_Salvatore Ferragamo060_Jeremy Young(VOGUEcom)

SS12_Milan_Salvatore Ferragamo062_Philipp Bierbaum(VOGUEcom)

SS12_Milan_Salvatore Ferragamo063_Tom Fonteyn(VOGUEcom)

SS12_Milan_Salvatore Ferragamo064(VOGUEcom)

SS12_Milan_Salvatore Ferragamo066_Harald Salin(VOGUEcom)

SS12_Milan_Salvatore Ferragamo068_Mathias Bergh(VOGUEcom)

SS12_Milan_Salvatore Ferragamo070_Jeremy Young(VOGUEcom)

Via: EMM

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