New York State of Mind x Union Square Pillow Fight by James Bernal

New York, how I love you.

I’ve been living in New York for almost three months. Since I spend much of my time riding the subway or in the backseat of cabs, I try to practice my visual literacy whenever I can. This video is the result of having plenty of random clips, but not enough. Maybe I’ll remix this a bit or use some of the clips I really like towards something more comprehensive – for now, I’ll enjoy the reminder of my first three months in a new city.

Here’s hoping that if winter was this fun, then spring is going to be the bomb dot com.

Union Square Pillow Fight after the jump.

April 2nd, was International Pillow Fight Day and everyone in New York celebrated by grabbing a pillow, jumping on the train, and converging on Union Square. The energy levels were so unbelievable, I decided to try and film a bit of the action.

Trying to film battle from within the mob was the most difficult part because every time I thought I had a great shot, I’d get hit with a pillow, or swallow a feather.


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