Event: Quentin vs. Coen

This gallery is a must-see. If not, atleast go to the opening night party. RSVP here.

Quentin vs. Coen is now almost exactly one week away! On Monday, the Spoke Art crew will be heading out to NYC to begin setting up the show at Bold Hype Gallery in Chelsea. The opening night party is on Thursday April 7th, and the show will be on view during regular business hours on Friday, April 8th and Saturday April 9th.

Pics after the jump.

Greg Gossel – Big Lebowski

Nimit Malavia – Kill Bill

Johannah O’Donnell – Pulp Fiction

Matt Leunig – Raising Arizona

Reza Rasoli – Reservoir Dogs

Clint Wilson – O Brother Where Art Thou?

Oliver Barrett – Pulp Fiction

Steve Seeley – True Grit x Kill Bill

Anville – Kill Bill

Seth Patrick – The Big Lebowski x Reservoir Dogs x Pink Floyd

Lauren Gregg – True Grit

Gwendolynn – Kill Bill

Via: Thrillist

One Comment to “Event: Quentin vs. Coen”

  1. some of these are great. there’s a lot of good Quentin inspired art floating around.


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