Joe BuddenTV: Does The Regular Guy Have A Shot?

I don’t necessarily disagree or agree. Some dudes have unrealistic expectations with certain women and think they can get a certain type of woman, when that’s not the case at all. I’ll share LowKey’s opinion since he spent more time on this topic than me. Last thing, the regular guy always has a shot. TRUST ME.

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Yes the regular guy still has a shot! You know why the regular guy has a shot? Because I’M a regular guy myself and my options are wide the fuck open. I think what the issue is, niggas is looking in places where you KNOW a female isn’t going to give you the time of day. I go to industry functions day in and day out, and if I’m not TOOO beligerent, my ass is in the background just WATCHING some of these females plot and plan.

Like homey said, it’s no shade to the guy who’s got everything the regular guy doesn’t have, but you understanding what you’re dealing with is the KEY ingridient to this debate. Let me explain a situation I was last week at a listening party: I was with a friend who works with a VERY prominent NYC rapper. Before meeting up with my friend, I rolled into the spot dolo like I usually do. I strolled through, greeted a couple folks and made my way to the OPEN bar- normal shit.

Saw a couple tender roni’s I wouldn’t mind talking to but didn’t really make any moves because I was more concerned about the bartender mixing my drink correctly. So after my drink was obtained my friend BBM’d me and told me to come over to her corner so we could post up and chill out. Now the rapper who my friend works with hadn’t arrived yet, so we were just killing time and cracking jokes. Mind you, the few tender roni’s I had my eye on wouldn’t GLANCE in my direction. And I’m SURE they saw me because I was looking pretty snazzy (yeah, I’m a confident man…SO WHAT!).

About 15 minutes later, the “Prominent” rapper arrived and my friend told me to follow them to the VIP section in the corner. So, I went right along. Now the VIP section wasn’t big at ALL, so whoever was occupying that space you could see them from HEAD TO TOE! My friend sits down first, I sit down a few feet away from her and the “prominent” rapper sits on the other side of her. You know what’s about to happen next right? EXACTLY! About 20 minutes later one of the tender roni’s I was eyeing is NOW eyeing me and smirking in my face. In fact, they all are but one of them happened to be sitting on the opposite side of our VIP booth, so she had the best chance to get to me.

“Oh I’m sorry, is my hair hitting you?” she asked every 9 minutes. C’mon dumpling, what’s really going on? You saw me undress you with my eyes earlier and looked at me in disgust, but now you’re purposley throwing your hair down my throat? Now see, I’ve been in these type of situations many a time, but this one was a bit magnified due to how fast my chances of bagging this tender roni quickly jumped. “What do you do?” she asked. Oh man, she’s making this waaaaaaaay to easy.

Point of my story is, when you’re out and about doing what you do, MANAGE YOUR EXPECTATIONS with these females. Now I’m not saying ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL of these women are out for the golden ticket, but we’re all old enough to know what’s what and who’s who. I don’t have sympathy for homeboy ranting in Joe’s video because frankly he’s old enough to know how to play the game. It basically comes down to this: Once you figure out your “Regular Guy” swag? (ugh I hate that word) Your selection process will be a lot easier and a bit more enjoyable.

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