The World’s First Tactical Earphone

Say hello to the Munitio SITi S Titanium Earphones. Based on looks its awesome, at some point I’ll get hands on these unless I go back to Beats by Dre. Here’s what Luxist had to say.

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Encased in extreme industrial grade titanium for natural noise canceling and beauty as well as its high level of durability and safety (it’s the same stuff NASA uses in high performance applications), the earphones feel surprisingly heavy in the hand (a little like actual bullets) but they all but disappear in the ears — once sizing is adjusted of course. The sound is crisp, deep, and beautiful, which is presumably in large part due to the custom tuned AccousticSoundFlowSystem™, BassEnhancingChamber™, and SiliconeHollowPoints™ technology, as well as the 9mm speaker drivers with rare earth neodymium magnets for superior dynamic range and quick recovery. And it’s probably worth mentioning that since I got my review unit they’ve released a new BLK version that comes with a microphone.

  • 9mm speaker drivers with rare earth neodymium magnets for superior dynamic range and quick recovery
  • Machined copper alloy housing, coated in titanium providing unmatched sound purity, natural noise cancellation and durability
  • MUNITIO’s proprietary BassEnhancingChamber™ engineered to produce the tightest, most accurate bass without distortion
  • Custom-tuned AccousticSoundFlowSystem™ for the smoothest mid to high frequency response while minimizing ear fatigue
  • SiliconeHollowPoints™ with noise isolating technology designed for secure comfortable fit, resulting in lower volume levels and better sounding music
  • Kevlar® reinforced fabric cable combining light-weight with high strength to protect the premium copper wire from stretching and shorting
  • Premium machined billet Suppressor [M]ic Control™ for crystal clear voice and hands free operation. (iPhone®, Droid®)
  • 24K Gold plated 3.5mm stereo plug providing exceptional audio signal transfer
  • Compatible with leading industry Mp3 and PDA devices. (iPhone®, Droid®)
  • Frequency Response: 12Hz-22kHz • Sensitivity: 100db +/- 3db at 1kHz
  • Rated Power: 3mW • Max Input Power: 10mW

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