Video: Are Hip-Hop Fans Fickle?

A very interesting debate on the hip-hop fan base and why certain artists aren’t cherished like in other genres of music. Joe Budden had A LOT to say.

Props: LowKey

2 Comments to “Video: Are Hip-Hop Fans Fickle?”

  1. This is a great debate! The “current” hip-hop fans (demographic 15 – 22 per se) is the “non-savy” fan that Buddens is talking about. These yungins don’t care about the history of hip-hop. They too busy trying to send the legends of the game to pasture. People in my age group (those born in the late 70’s) understand and appreciate where the game has come from and where it is going. The real problem though is the game of hip-hop has created this problem itself. We are the only genre that heavily promotes the “crabs in a bucket” mentality where it is cool to insult the artist that is #1 at that moment just so we can have that spot. So since we promote this WWE mentality, how can we expect our fan base to respect the game, the music or lifestyle. Just my thoughts!

    • Jesus. You took whatever thoughts I wanted to add out of my mouth. The fact that hip-hop is built around current personal events in regards to the artist makes it harder to appreciate what another artist is doing, like conscious rap for instance. The artist considered ‘conscious’ rappers well never get the appropriate respect that these mainstream artist will. I think most mainstream artist suffer from the “Uncle Tom” syndrome. Meaning that they’ll sell out by saying anything to sound a certain way to appeal to the masses even if its degrading or not close to the truth. The ones that stay true always get left behind, and the mainstreams always walk around saying “I’m real this, I’m real that.” Once you sell your soul/integrity for fame & money, the realness about you is long gone. Crossing over to mainstream is a very difficult process and some artist know how to make that jump, those are the ones we need to pay attention to.

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