Belvest S/S 2011

For S/S 2011 the Belvest man is one with “emotional style full of personal invention.”  Inspired by the botanical gardens of Padua,Belvest is exploring themes of elegance alongside their trademark made in Italy quality and craftsmanship.  The fits seen below strengthen Belvest’s claims as the primer Italian brand offering tailored options for a youth oriented market.  The jackets are shorter, fit closer to the body and the trousers are decidedly slim.  The key piece for S/S 2011 is, what Belvest is calling, their “New Drape” jacket.  Much like the best warm weather jackets coming out of Italy, the “New Drape” is completely unpadded, fits like your favorite shirt (“falls across the body in loose folds”) and takes both it’s name and inspiration from the drape sleeve.

More pics after the jump.

Props: SI

One Comment to “Belvest S/S 2011”

  1. Does anyone know who designed the sunglasses found in some of the pictures?

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