Video: the.LIFE Files TV | Starring Ray J & Brandy, Travis Porter And Johnny Nunez


We’re back like we never left with the latest installment of the.LIFE Files TV featuring Ray J, Brandy, Travis Porter and celebrity photographer Johnny Nunez.

First we head to the Derek Lam Fall 2011 fashion show which was attended by Anna Wintour to check out their latest designs from NYC’s Fashion Week at Lincoln Center.

We then accompany Ray J and his entourage to his 30th Birthday party with YRB magazine at Greenhouse in NYC. It’s a celebration, pop pop bottles! Shout out to Billy J From SRC Records.

The fellas of Travis Porter take us through their record label Jive to meet and greet staff while they explain the making of their hit single “Make It Rain” and writing songs from real life experiences.

You’ve seen Johnny Nunez’s name behind some of the most exclusive photos taken in Entertainment and Johnny explains what made him become a photographer, his motivation to be better and what is was like working for Damon Dash. Find out why Dame told Johnny that in a year he would either fire him, or he would quit.

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