Is It The Shoes?!

I’ve noticed something while watching the majority of UCONN star Kemba Walker’s games this season. Everytime he wears Jordans, he has a big game. Don’t believe me? Good. I’m about to prove it. And people wonder why I only wear Jordans to play ball in.

Jordan XII – 42 pts vs. Vermont

Jordan XII – 31 pts vs. Wichita St.

More proof after the jump.

Jordan XII – 30 pts vs. Michigan St.

Jordan XII – 29 pts vs. Kentucky

Jordan XII – 30 pts vs. UNH

Jordan XII – 31 pts vs. Pitt

Jordan II – 22 pts & 9 rebs vs. Texas

Jordan VII – 31 pts vs. DePaul

Jordan VII – 24 pts, 6 rebs, 5 assts vs. Villanova

Jordan XI (Cool Greys) – 8 pts, 6 rebs, 5 assts (only bad game) vs. Syracuse

Jordan VII – 31 pts vs. Georgetown

Jordan IX – 27 pts vs. Marquette

Check the stats here.


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