Christine Teigen | Why Is She So Awesome?

Whenever I check my twitter (which is every other minute) I make sure to be on the lookout for @ChrissyTeigen’s tweets. Why? Cause her tweets are pretty damn funny and she has no filter, which caught me by surprise. Most celebs like to play the celeb-role. This role consists of being politically correct and always saying the right things like feed the children or always being positive. Fuck that. I want to hear the candid thoughts of these celebs or pseudo-celebs. Twitter was made for entertainment purposes, thats why comedians strive and that’s the main reason I don’t follow to many celebs or A-listers. They suck and they’re boring. Kudos to John Legend for dating a cute and actually funny girl, they’re an extremely rare breed. Here are some of the tweets from Ms. Teigen.

Let’s not forget that she’s a SI Swimsuit model as well. Double Whammy! More pics after the jump.


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