The Only Reason I Watch It

Jesse Carere also know as Chris Collins from the show Skins UK version is better is the only reason I watch this show. I’ve seen some episodes of the UK one and yes it is better, besides that, I find the character Chris to have the most depth which makes him ultimately more interesting. I do like the Tea as well, she has her own issues that I don’t wanna get into because I haven’t seen all the episodes of this season. The most recent episode aptly titled “Chris” was kind of the one I was waiting for. I’ve skimmed/skipped the other ones, especially the premiere (I hate Tony). For those who haven’t seen the episode I won’t really go into much detail. It does make you think. What does one do with a $1,000 and no parents around? Had that been me, it probably would’ve went down the way it did in the show, minus the overdose of boner pills. I think the writers of the show hit their stride with this episode since it provides depth and a pretty serious issue. Most of the eps I’ve seen are based around sex, drugs, and partying, which is fine considering that’s what high school was like for me some. When you have shows like Jersey Shore, you become numb to all this nonsense, so that’s why I didn’t take much interest and I think its partly the reason people passed on it, just my opinion. Jesse Carere will have a bright future outside of this show and I will continue to watch until it becomes unbearable, which may happen as long as Tony is being the prototypical douche he is.

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