FUTURA Laboratories | FUTURA Da Vinci Series Art Prints

Futura is releasing the Da Vinci Series which looks like the characters from Spy vs. Spy. Maybe its me? Regardless these paintings are very detailed and has an urban Da Vinci look to it, which is dope.

Freshness says:

Art should never be too hard to acquire and FUTURA is making sure that fans can get their hands on his art by making them accessible. FUTURA LABORATORIES are releasing a new series of print works by FUTURA entitled Da Vinci series. In short it is a collection of works that uses Da Vinci sketches as its base canvas. Laid on top is the various styles of Pointman illustrations and each of the fifteen works created for this series is unique and distinct. Further more, there are ten different sizes available, from the smallest size, 257mm (W)/301mm (H)/21mm (D), at 22,050 yen up to the largest size, 515 mm (W)/603 mm (H)/42 mm (D), at 44, 100 yen. All of the prints are made to order and will take around 2 to 3 weeks from putting in the order. Check after the jump for detailed photos and purchases can be made over at the FUTURA LABORATORIES online store.

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