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January 24, 2011

50 Cent vs. WorldStar Hip-Hop

I can see this is gonna be a theme with 50. Dude is power hungry and doing essentially what he wants. Bastard, where am I gonna get my daily dose of “niggnorance” from now??

According to AllHipHop this is how it went down…

Rapper 50 Cent sent a tweet out to his 3,888,543 million followers and took credit for shutting down popular urban website,

The site went down without warning earlier today (January 24th).

Just moments ago, 50 Cent took to Twitter and took credit for the site’s disruption, squashing rumors that the site was seized by Homeland Security, like several other websites in November of 2010.

“I don’t know why people underestimate me. I just shut down WORLDSTAR for future advertising contact suckers lol,” 50 Cent tweeted. “I put worldstar to bed, you don’t believe try me I will shut your sh*t down. Lol.”

In November of 2009, 50 Cent filed a lawsuit against the website, claiming his image and content was used on the website without permission.

“I have lawyers on retainers and I have to pay them so much money anyway, so we’ll go back and forth to court until (they) can’t afford a Subway sandwich,” 50 Cent said in 2009. “It’s already too late for (them).”

Reps for have not responded to a request for a statement as of press time.

50 issued an ominous prediction that may come true this week.

“I predict 2 more web sites will shut down this week. Take a guess who they are. I’m sick of the hate I’m to strong,” 50 Cent tweeted.

January 24, 2011

Rashard Mendenhall’s Celebratory Hump (Video)

I understand you’re happy but damn…

January 24, 2011

The Sitdown With Dee Vazquez: Bloggers vs. The DJ (Video)

This was an interesting find at LowKey’s den. Speaking on the influences bloggers and Djs have on each other. Personally, I think each goes hand in hand. Without the bloggers music doesn’t necessarily get as much recognition nationally or worldwide depending on the artist and blog. DJs also have exclusive access to most music, so in a sense SOME bloggers would have to rely on them. Its a really good topic. Check it out.

January 24, 2011

Kobe Bryant x Bruce Willis x Danny Trejo | The Black Mamba

Directed by Robert Rodriguez

January 24, 2011

UR-110? Is This A Watch?

I don’t know if its a watch or a detonator. I can’t describe this beast so here’s words from the manufacturer.
URWERK says:

The UR-110 indicates time by means of a revolving satellite complication on planetary gears featuring three parallel hour/minute modules resembling torpedoes. The time is displayed on the right side of the watch, with the satellites following a vertical line – 0 to 60 minutes – in a downward motion. The ingenuity of this layout lies in allowing the wearer to view the time discreetly and elegantly without the need to pull back a cuff.

Enveloped in a secure titanium case, a central carousel provides the complication with stability and equilibrium, while planetary gearing keeps the three counter-balanced time modules in parallel formation. The dial side Control Board features small seconds; an “Oil Change” indicator to alert the user when it is time for a service; and a Day/Night indicator to help keep track of changing time zones. Visible on the back, twin air turbines minimize wear in the automatic winding system.

via | urwerk

January 24, 2011

Steve Jobs??

Designer Charis Tsevis of Tsevis Visual Design created this for Panorama Magazine.

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January 24, 2011


Let’s all be honest with this whole Jay Cutler situation. The results from MRI says he has a torn MCL allegedly. When watching the game Cutler was clearly annoyed and disinterested in the game which is understandable when you’re not on the field, besides that he should have been a good teammate and leader by keeping his team charged up and assisting the backup QBs, which he didn’t. I’m sorry but If I have a knee injury I’m still playing regardless, due to the circumstances-it’s the NFC CHAMPIONSHIP!
I’ll take into consideration that Cutler was getting pounded earlier in the season due to Martz QB-killing offensive scheme. Cutler’s body/demeanor was so off-putting that one could only come to the conclusion that he just didn’t care. If you’re able to run or jog you should be out there. Look at Roethlisraper, this guy played with a damn near broken ankle, broken nose, and still toughed it out to lead his team to victory. Even Philip Rivers played with a torn ACL a few years ago in the AFC Championship. For most ATHLETES you would have to drag them off the field, in Cutler’s case he just pussed out.
Cutler’s legacy with the Packers is something worth noting. He’s 1-3 and his QB rating averages out to 57.9. For a QB to never have a rating over 100 against a conference rival is telling, and with this lastest fiasco its safe to say the Packers own Cutler.

UPDATE: Just saw this video. Nothing like a Bears’ fan scorned.

January 24, 2011

Six Was All It Took

Got to love plastic surgery, until it kills you. Carolin ‘Sexy Cora’ Berger a German porn star and “Big Brother” participant died last Thursday after her SIXTH breast enlargement procedure. How many times is enough!? Apparently, she wanted go from a 34F to a 34G. I guess breasts aren’t what they used to be…real. Maybe this will encourage women to stop trying to enlarge their fun-bags. And by women I mean regular 9-5 working women, leave the hugh tits to the pornstars. I don’t want my girl’s boobs to enter the room before she does, unless they’re real of course. ANYWAY, Sky News is the source, so here’s the details.

Sky News:

Doctors who carried out a sixth breast enlargement on a German reality TV star who later died are being investigated for possible manslaughter. Cora Berger had two heart attacks during the surgery to boost her chest from a 34F to 34G earlier this month.
There are claims she was deprived of oxygen for 15 minutes during the operation at a clinic in Hamburg.
The 23-year-old adult film star had been in an artificial coma since January 11 but never recovered.
Prosecutors have launched a probe and there will be a post mortem next week, according to German newspaper Bild.
The paper said Ms Berger’s plastic surgeon and anaesthetist were being investigated for alleged manslaughter. Berger, from Berlin, whose real name was Carolin, became well-known after appearing on Germany’s version of Big Brother.
She raised eyebrows with her erotic antics in the house last year, which included stripping off and massaging other women.
The actress had a series of breast enlargements after the show in a bid to keep the publicity going.
She went under the knife for the last time at the Alster Clinic and was having 800g (28oz) of silicon injected into each breast.
But her heart stopped beating during the operation. She suffered brain damage and was put into an induced coma.
The tabloid’s headline read: “The senseless death of Big Brother star Cora shocks the whole of Germany.
“(Her) frail, 48kg (106lb) body struggled against death for 224 hours. She lost. Cora is dead.”
Husband Tim Wosnitza said: “The doctors told me that she wouldn’t make it. The brain damage was too big.
“Her blood pressure was falling and her bodily functions were failing one after the other.”
Hamburg tabloid Morgenpost said the actress had recently returned from a cruise to Dubai with her husband.
Her previous five operations were reportedly done at a private clinic in Poland which refused to admit her for a sixth time.

Check out some photos…you knew they were coming (NSFW).