Follow Mikhail’s Lead?

We all know Carmelo Anthony didn’t want to sign an extension with the Nets and that ultimately killed the deal, but Nets owner Mikhail Prokhorov may have saved face for the organization by releasing his press conference yesterday. I’m sure by now most of the world knows about this and I honestly don’t think Carmelo is going anywhere this year. Should the other teams take the “Mikhail Approach” and kill potential dealings and wait the year out? Denver needs to loosen the reins a bit before they get royally fucked out of players and picks.
Now its up to the Bulls and Knicks to pull some crazy trade out of their asses. Let’s think about this, the Bulls don’t have the trade pieces to land Melo. They can offer cash and a boatload of draft picks but Denver wants players now. The only viable trade piece the Bulls had was Noah and they were geniuses for not letting him go. Props John Paxson and everyone else.
As for the Knicks, they actually have the talent to make the trade but who would want to part ways with Danilo, Wilson, or Fields? Realistically, two or all of them would go if a trade was made. The Knicks finally have good chemistry and a trade would basically destroy that, at the same time would you want to pass up on a franchise player like Carmelo? No. The best scenario for both teams would be for Carmelo to play out this year, and it looks to me that it may be the case.
I don’t think the Bulls or Knicks will execute a reasonable trade unless other teams are involved by the trade deadline. Whichever team that gets Carmelo before the deadline will have to hit the free agent market hard this summer. Its a great reward to get Anthony but the teams will take a hit when it comes to role players. Carmelo, just finish the year and sign with NY!

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